‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Wild Thing’ Recap

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The first episode of this week’s “Pawn Stars” has a man coming into the shop selling one of Rick’s favorite cars, the one that brings back all sorts of memories.

Rick’s dream comes true when car owner, Paul, comes in wanting to sell his 1974 VW Thing. Corey goes out to the back with Rick to take a look at the classic car. This was Rick’s very first car when he was 16 years old. Rick is in love.

The car is white with a large blue stripe that runs around the middle of it. Rick is ready to melt. Corey hates it. Viewers are told that it’s called The Thing because no other car looked like it. Interestingly, The Thing was also a military car in other countries.

Owner, Paul, fixed the car up making it look like it’s in mint condition.

This is all too much for Rick and he asks if he can take it out for a spin. He grabs Big Hoss and drives off. “What do you think, son?” asks Rick.

“Stupidest vehicle I’ve ever been in. I hope no one sees me” was Corey’s answer.

Rick wants this car even though he’s very concerned about all the changes Paul has made but he asks how much he wants for it.

“Fifteen thousand,” says Paul.

“There are too many changes in it. I’ll have to spend a lot of money to change it back,” Rick replies and makes an offer of $5,000.

That’s way too low for Paul and he counter offers with $13,500.

That’s too much for Rick and offers $5,500 and says he won’t go higher.

Paul drives away from the shop with The Thing. Is that a tear we see in Rick’s eye?

Next a customer comes in with Civil War Cannon Balls. Rick explains that the best way harm men with them was by shooting the balls to the ground. Then they bounced up doing a lot of damage and killing the soldiers. Who knew a cannon ball could bounce?

Rick explains that even though the balls are old they were probably surplus and never saw much action during a war. But, on a good note, Rick also thinks that the cannon balls date earlier than the Civil War, possibly to the Revolutionary War.

“How much do you want?” asks Rick.

“Fifty dollars for each ball” came the answer.

Too much for Rick and says he’ll buy all the balls for $100. The owner asks if Rick can go up to $150 for all of them. Rick puts on his thinking face, looks at the balls and says, “Okay, what the hell.”

Chumlee and the Old Man read about an air plane that’s for sale and they want to check it out. Rick tells them that they can’t go because they’ll fool around there all day. He and Big Hoss will look at the plane. The Old Man says that he’s the head honcho but that didn’t stop Rick and Corey from looking at the plane.

The plane is an AG Texan Fighter plane, a 1942 North American AT-6. Rick is drooling. He’s wanted to get a plane for a long time. Rick and Corey have been talking about taking flying lessons and would like to learn how to fly in this one. Will the friendly skies be as friendly if these “Pawn Stars” are allowed to fly?

Viewers learn that this particular plane flew during WWII and the Korean War. It’s purpose was to train fighter pilots. The owner said he overhauled the engine, it has 9 cylinders, and can fly 200 miles an hour. It’s also duel controlled.

The owner wants $185,000 for it but Corey wants an expert, Matt, to take a look at it.

When Matt checks it he confirms that it is a fighter plane that trained fighter pilots. But he sees some problems with it. The tail wheel is one of the problems. Matt also says that it isn’t the right kind of plane to teach Corey and Rick to fly. But on the positive side, the engine was just overhauled and only has 20 hours on it. Also, the plane has a spinner and that adds an extra $5,000 to its value. It’s also very basic and easy to fly.

Matt is excited to test it so he and the owner take it up. It preformed well on take off and they do aerobatics. When they land Matt tells Rick and Corey that the plane was better than he expected.

Rick would love to have the plane and the owner wants $170,000 for it. Rick tells him that if he bought it he would have to pay for a hanger, the plane has to be flown, and it will cost at least $1,000 a month just for these costs.

The owner brings down his sale price to $165,000. Rick offers $140,000. The owner asks for $157,000; Rick stays at $140,000. The owner comes down to $145,000 but Rick remains at $140,000. Corey says he’ll do more research on it and maybe they can eventually agree on a price. They all agree to think about it and the father and son drive off without the plane. Is that another tear in Rick’s eye?

A man comes into the shop trying to sell his WWII book of ration stamps. The Old Man explains that during the Second World War everyone had to sacrifice and ration stamps were given out for many things. If you used your gas ration stamp that would be the end of buying gas until your new stamps arrived. He also told the owner that he couldn’t buy them because millions of these stamps were printed and there’s no resale value to it.

After not buying the ration stamps Chumlee and the Old Man sit around doing nothing waiting for Rick and Corey to get back. Another hard day with the “Pawn Stars.”

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