PayPal: Big Changes Are Coming

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Anuj Nayar is the senior director of communications for PayPal, and he says that “aggressive changes” are coming for the company’s users because the company needed to get better about helping people according to CNN Money.

big paypal changes

People who have had their accounts frozen after large sums of money were deposited couldn’t agree more with that statement, like science fiction author Jay Lake, who also happens to be battling colon cancer while battling the financial company for his deposited funds. And what a horrible time to have to do both!

Lake told CNN Money that his negative encounter with the online financial services company began right after an online fundraising effort netted him $20,000 in deposits for an experimental cancer process. He tried to transfer the funds to a bank thereafter, but his account was frozen. Thankfully for him he had famous friends and lots of reading fans, and they rallied to his support, driving the online money mover to unfreeze his account by 6 p.m. that same night.

Not everyone has been so lucky, however, and it has given the company a bit of a black eye. And that’s just not the thing to have in the news as Google and other companies start to contemplate their own online money transaction service ventures. And that’s obviously why Nayar has been ordered to make the rounds in the media, talking up the “aggressive changes” coming and the company’s commitment to make things right and more transparent about these frozen account problems.

Unfortunately, the company still isn’t talking details–instead they just keep saying that big PayPal changes are coming. What big changes? And when?

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