PayPal Google Lawsuit Impending

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PayPal lawyers brought the lawsuit within hours of the launch of Google’s release of the company’s new mobile wallet technology. PayPal lawyers are alleging that Osama Bedier gave Google some of PayPal’s payment technology secrets. Google spokespeople have yet to respond to the imminent PayPal Google lawsuit.

Fallout from Failed Android Negotiations

PayPal spent three years in negotiations with Google, attempting to bring the payment platform to Android phones. Following the failure of the Android negotiations, Google began developing its own payment scheme. However, Google may have had an ace up its sleeve because PayPal executive Osama Bedier left PayPal for Google during the last stages of the negotiations.

Former PayPal Executive Osama Bedier also Named in Lawsuit

Former PayPal executive Osama Bedier may have taken more than his skill set when he made the move to Google. According to BBC News , the former executive was named in the lawsuit, which claims that he was in job talks with Google while still negotiating with Google executives on behalf of PayPal’s. Intuition tells us that Mr. Bedier may have sold PayPal out, throwing the Android negotiations and accepting some unknown Google offer involving the sale of some PayPal technology secrets.

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