Paz de la Huerta Arrested for Assaulting Model in a Bar Brawl

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Paz de la Huerta of Broadwalk Empire was arrested on Tuesday for assaulting a model while in New York. Apparently, Paz and the model, Samantha Swetra, got into an argument at Manhattan’s Standard Hotel. The argument got out of hand and that is when De la Huerta punched Swetra. The model is said to have suffered minor injuries to her face and probably major injuries to her ego.

The two parted ways after the heated incident but Samantha later went to Manhattan’s 6th Precinct station and filed a police report. Paz de la Huerta was shortly arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. Yikes! Apparently, not only does Paz sometimes slightly resemble Courtney Love, she occasional acts like her too!

One can only wonder what minuscule thing these two women were arguing over when this “cat fight” erupted. Well, Paz de la Huerta, 26, is just the latest celebrity to get a rap sheet. Welcome to the club!

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