Paz de la Huerta Rejected from Golden Globes After-Party

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Actress Paz de la Huerta got rejected from last night’s Golden Globes after-party. The “Boardwalk Empire” star was apparently a bit too inebriated to be allowed to attend the celebration.  How’s that for celebrating the show’s big win last night?

According to Music Notes, last night’s Golden Globe award winners included “Boardwalk Empire” which saw its lead actor Steve Buscemi win award as well as the entire show.  However, actress Paz de La Huerta was so trashed that she was denied entrance to one of the Globes afterparty events being held at the Chateau Marmont. reports that after de la Huerta (shown via Wikipedia) was rejected from the party, she fell down as she stumbled over towards her car.  Paz plays the character Lucy Danziger on “Boardwalk Empire,” which is all about mobsters, money and women.

This probably isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened at an awards show.  Some speculate that Kanye West must be drunk at any awards show he attends.  For the HBO star, this is not as big a deal as her maybe winning a Golden Globe and showing up drunk on stage to accept it.  Still, Paz de la Huerta has got herself into the headlines the day after being rejected and she probably woke up with a nice hangover to go with it!

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