Peach Pie – Pastry – 15 Min Recipe using Bisquick

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How to make three pastries with one peach in

fifteen minutes!


Got fifteen minutes? Got bisquick?

Got one large peach?


You can substitute cherries or plum or apples!


Richard had me laughing, when he called these “peach plops” when he saw me spoon drop the dough onto a cookie sheet.


Not to brag, but this recipe had the fluffiest, lightest tasting dough – definitely a keeper, because it is so quick and easy.

I came up with this yesterday, when I didn’t have time and enough fruit to bake a whole peach or apple pie.

I don’t use Biquick often, but I find it is a great time saver when I’m in a time crunch and want to create an interesting dish from whatever I have on hand – think quiche:) 



One cup Bisquick

1/4 cup milk

Two tablespoons sugar

One teaspoon vanilla

Two tablespoons butter-softened to room temperature


For the topping:

One large peach

Sugar and cinamon to sprinkle over the peach-optional

One tablespoon butter – cut in little pieces to place on top



Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees

Grease a cookie sheet

In a bowl: Using a fork – mix all ingredients well 

Peel and slice one large peach or one large apple


Drop dough right onto a well greased cookie sheet


I decided it would be fun to have three round pastries instead of one large pastry – I’m talking regular size pastry – leave plenty of room between your three plops:) – it will look pretty when it’s done.


Top the three peach pastries-plops with sugar and cinnamon to your liking or if it is a really sweet peach – forget about the sugar

Last – Top with the butter – just stick in between the fruit pieces.


Baking Time: Approx. 15 minutes or when golden brown


Serving suggestions:

I made a batch of real whipping cream to accompany our treat, but vanilla ice cream would have worked great too, especially if you like to eat your fruit pie hot from the oven.

This tastes fine whether eaten hot or cold. 



Bon Appetit!




Sorry folks – no pictures today. I totally forgot and then Richard said, “Are you going to post this recipe on gather?!”

Couldn’t he have asked me before we ate it all? Men!


I promise I will update the post with pictures next time I bake up some peach plops:)



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