Peaches Geldof Spills Infant Son on Sidewalk But Keeps Chatting Away on Phone

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How many of you mothers out there would get off the phone if you accidentally dumped your baby on the sidewalk and he tumbled out? A show of hands? Apparently, Peaches Geldof didn’t get the memo concerning priorities, because she was never put the phone down when her baby tumbled out of his carriage.

It happened when she was walking down the street, pushing the buggy while simultaneously talking on the phone. The carriage hit a hole, and because she wasn’t paying attention, it flipped forward and her five-month-old son, Astala, fell out. Oh, and he wasn’t strapped in, so when he tumbled, he literally ended upon the sidewalk completely outside the stroller.

During the whole fiasco, which was caught on camera, showed the young mom determinedly shouldering the phone so she wouldn’t miss a word of her conversation as she bent down and singlehandedly tried to pick up her child. Thankfully, little Astala wasn’t hurt in the incident, but judging by the photos of the tumble, it would have been very hard to miss pothole if she’d been a little less absorbed in her conversation. You can see the photos of the mishap at this link here.

Geldof, who is the daughter of the late Paula Yates and activist rocker Bob Geldof, recently wed her indie musician fiancé Thomas Cohen (frontman for the band S.C.U.M.), and in August admitted that being a mother has made her feel old because caring for a young baby takes a lot of work and requires a lot of sleep. Welcome to the real wold, honey.

She added that although motherhood makes her feel old, she loves it. Now, if only someone would rip her phone away from her ear and throw it in the nearest river, Peaches Geldof might avoid future carriage spills.

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