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My oldest son has had his doctor at our local Pediatric Associates office for the past two years, and every time I go they seem to impress me. Pediatric Associates have 21 different offices in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Most of the offices have after hours until 8 or 9 p.m all week, and many of these are even open on holidays as well.

In May my son had his annual check up, and there were three areas of concern. His eyesight, his hearing and potential umbilical hernia. This week we had an appointment with the pediatric surgeon about the hernia, and not only did the doctor’s office call me twice to make sure that I had made the appointment, they also called the day before to remind me about the appointment, and today they called me to hear how the appointment at the surgeon’s office went.

Fortunately the pediatric surgeon quickly concluded that my son do not need any operation, as the opening in his bellybutton is so tiny that it is hardly even visible. He did say that my son’s doctor had a great eye, since she was able to catch it though.

I’m really impressed with Pediatric Associates, and I hope that we can get our new baby in there as well, when he arrives. When I first had to chose a pediatric office, there were so many to chose between, and it felt like a jungle. We had just moved to the state, and I did not know of anyone, who could give any recommendations, so I went to our local hospital’s website. There I searched for the pediatric doctors, and I was able to read up on some of them as well, check what they specialized in, what universities they had gone through etc. Although my son has asthma, I did not want anyone who specialized in asthma, as I was sure these doctors would just try to constantly get on us new medication etc. Once I found the doctor that seemed the right fit, I then tracked her back to Pediatric Associates.

Last year my son injured his finger on a Sunday, and I was able to get an appointment an hour after I called. There was almost no wait, we were able to get x rays, and it was such a relief to be able to avoid the emergency room.

Whenever we have had to be referred to an outside specialist, the office is great at contacting the insurance company to make sure that we are covered, and we have even had them help with solving administrative issues with our insurance company in the past.

The office does so much more than just offer the normal 9-5 office hours, and they even have parenting classes, prenatal, cpr and asthma classes.

If you live in South Florida, I can highly recommend Pediatric Associates, and you can find out more information at their website


What is your opinion of your pediatric or doctor’s office? How did you find the doctor, and does the office have after office hours?




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