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Written by: Olafemi

In the darkness it is very hard to see the LIGHT. No matter how hard we try to find the TRUTH in all the deceptions and lies being told to us, we withdraw and conform ourselves to the lifestyles given to us by the achievements we live up to. In doing so I have come to see the sun rising up from the waters and found out the beginnings of what my TRUTH was. It came from the mind of a pedophile that was influenced by the hater of mankind. Engulf the words of TRUTH or…

As I looked out among other children, I watched as the pedophile of humanity came among us and robbed us of our innocence. He never cared if we were male of female only that we knew not of the directions in which our lives were going. So one by one he came to know us. Some of us made it through to the other side of mankind but there were so many others who totally lost our identities and knew not if we were still a part of the human race. We could only feel the pains of being taken away from a world of happiness as some children have come to know.

As we grew older we were told to believe that we were not to blame and we could live a normal life. The only thing is that we would crave the sexual desires of our own kind. We knew that we were not normal and we tried very hard to keep these desires away from those who knew us. Our eyes turned to other children of innocence and their need to be LOVED. Our every emotion stroked their bodies with the rigidness that we had once felt from our oppressors. No matter what we done to overcome these strange feelings they would always arise in the presence of innocent children.

In our lives we see the best of all who live their lives apart of the normal. As a pedophile nobody sees the weaknesses that are within our being. I once heard it said that a homosexual were born with their feelings for the same sex. I heard them saying that they knew that they were this way since they were four years old. But when I was the age of four I had no desires for any type of sexual relationship. How was it that these homosexual could grasp these emotions at such an early age?

I was afraid to shower among other adults. I didn’t want them looking at my body. I didn’t feel comfortable with conversations of sexual relations around adults. I would listen as they explicitly explained the different intentions and many ways in which they approached those of the opposite sex or those to fill their sexual desires. I was never aroused but the first time I changed a little baby I began to feel the greatest sensation, one that I could never explain to anyone. I hid these feelings until I saw how there were many people who were just like me. They had the desire to also know the innocence of children.

We are a people who have come to accept the desires of people who are mentally challenged but we have yet to accept the needs of the pedophile. A homosexual can have sexual feelings for boys and girls at the age of four but they are not considered as pedophiles unless they actually act upon their feelings. A pedophile has sexual feelings for both boys and girls but we don’t consider them for their lifestyles as we have accepted the homosexual, yet both are abominations to mankind and to GOD.

A homosexual feels that it is fine to deceive straight men and women about them being gay but it is not considered as a mental illness. When a pedophile deceives children into their sexual world they are considered mentally ill, because it has not yet been accepted by the open world. Although there are many parents handing their children over to pedophiles for their sexual pleasures illegally all over the world, we still look at it as not normal and through the sexual pleasures of pedophiles homosexuals have come to exist. So how long will it be a mental illness for pedophiles to show their feelings for children? How long will we allow them to continue to creep in the darkness for the LOVE of children to fill their sexual desires?

As I walked inside of the darkness that covers the earth I have seen the great offenses of mankind against each other. From the tiniest of influences they have killed and raped each other of any innocence. From days of old GOD has had to rid the world of the devils who seduced mankind of a life of goodness. But the cunningness of evil and wicked minds has always been able to turn that cruelty in the direction of the LOVE that keeps mankind afloat.

In our confusions we have continued to look towards the better ways of life. Seeing only the luxuries of today we’ve allowed evil and wicked people to be our inspirations for living a good life. Even though we know that these people possess the traits of the hater of mankind, we have been persuaded to see them as role models for our children who just like us are being seduced by this pedophile of humanity. Just as we have accepted the mental illnesses of our Brothers and Sisters who know not their identities as male or female, we will soon come to accept those who are pedophiles.

Sexual immorality is an abomination!!! It takes from the ability for mankind to grow as was intended by GOD. A man’s body is sexually intended for the body of a woman. No man should lie down with any other man as he would a woman. He should not lie down with any animal or child as he would a woman and the same as for a woman in their sexual desires. Because of the corruptness of the minds of men, men, women and children have been subjected to the most demonic lifestyles known. Their willingness to be admired and known allows them to be treated in the worse of ways with no respect for their existence as a part of mankind.

The worse parts of being a part of the human race will never be discussed during a presidential debate. The reasons why wars are being fought will never be told to the innocent minds of those who risk their lives in them. The innocent minds that are robbed of their creativity because they fail to learn with the abilities of others, will always promote the evils that have corrupted them. The pedophiles of humanity will continue to take the innocence of children until we stop accepting the abominations that they create among us. Unless we admit of the crimes being committed against us, there is no crime.

We must seek out the TRUTH. We must not be deceived by our abilities to humble ourselves for the well-being of others. With every mental illness comes a cure. If it was not known to have a cure, it would not be known as an illness. In our creation we were deemed to be good by the Creator of Good. In each day, good was created by GOD and then HE rested. Why do we still accept that which is bad among us?

The pedophile lurks among the playgrounds of the minds of our children. We must remember who our children are. We must know that if an innocent mind can be confused by any thought that is not one of the natural existences of mankind, it can be consumed by the strategies of a pedophile. A homosexual man craves on the sexual desires of other men. A homosexual woman sexually desires other women. Bisexuals don’t care who they have sexual desires for and neither do pedophiles. A pedophile will have sex with both male and female children. When they are done what becomes of these innocent minds?

One form of immorality is no better than any other. It is the taking of innocent minds by one who lusts for sexual company and arousing of their loins. They are devils who are not sexually satisfied with any animal, man, woman or child. They are devils living among we who are mankind. Nobody knows what you do behind closed doors. Sexual desires can be paid for at any cost to you. Soon the lifestyle of pedophilia will come to be accepted as it grows to greater heights of non-containment. The pedophile will be loosed. Know the TRUTH. GOD BLESS…

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