Pee on Cue?

No this isn’t a sick article on anything weird or perverted.


Okay picture this. There you are all settled in the movie theater enjoying a great movie. Bucket of popcorn on your lap; liter of soda at your side. The plot is good, really has your mind racing.. Better not need the bathroom during this movie. Nothing worse than having to get up and weave through rows of knees and run down the hallway to the bathroom and race back just to find that you have missed a crucial part of the movie you just paid 12 bucks to see.

Wouldn’t it be great to KNOW the best time to get up and go? Where the lull in the plot will be, before it’s too late? Well now you can! At   you can view a list of movies playing in theaters. A cue will be given to let you know this is a good time to go without missing anything of any most entertaining or important to the movie. So no more worrying. Just sit back and relax, enjoy the movie and dart and dash at the best time!

No idea why that link isn’t working. see the list of movies HERE

I am not a big movie goer. Love movies, just don’t get to the theater a lot. I saw this on the Kathie Lee and Hoda show this morning.

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