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The smoke screen Republicans tried to throw up this past week over the jet for Ms. Pelosi has dissipated. Apparently not a single thing that was said was in any way related to the facts of the case.

To remind anyone who has been gone, the claim was that Ms. Pelosi was power mad and demanding a huge, expensive jet for her trips back to her home district rather than being willing to use the much smaller one that the former Speaker used.

 First and foremost is Ms. Pelosi's own words in which she explained that all she asked for was a nonstop flight to save time. She offered to fly commercially if that were not available. She did not ask for the plane as is being bandied about.

Second, it was not Ms. Pelosi or her office who asked for a plane in the first place. It is a security matter that the Security Chief of the House put in place some years ago because the Speaker of the House is second in line (behind the VP) for the White House should something happen to the President.

 Yesterday Tony Snow, speaking for the White House, confirmed everything Ms. Pelosi and the House Security Chief said. He also confirmed that the Air Force, not Ms. Pelosi determines which planes are made available. While Mrs. Bush might demand the C-35, Ms. Pelosi did not.

Today the House Security Chief has gone on record to say he is the person who requested the plane and requested Ms. Pelosi use it. It's his job.

So while it certainly got some decent press for a day or two until Anna Nichole Smith knocked it off the headlines, none of what was claimed by the Republicans was true or accurate in any way. Unless of course those spreading the rumor want to argue with their own party and their own president, it might be graceful to apologize for the mistake and move on.  I will probably see my 100th birthday before any apology is forthcoming, however.

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