Penguin Sweaters Needed in Wake of New Zealand Oil Spill

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Penguin sweaters are in high demand in the wake of the New Zealand oil spill. Yes, you heard that correctly, the penguins need sweaters. The penguins are covered in oil, making them sick. So conservation groups are requesting resourceful knitters get to work. A yarn store in New Zealand has even posted directions for making these adorable, little sweaters on their website.

The sweaters keep the penguins warm while their health recovers from the spill, and it keeps them from picking oil out of their feathers and accidentally swallowing it. This is not the first time there has been a call for sweaters. In fact, in 2001 the Tasmanian Conservation was overwhelmed by penguin sweaters when knitters across the world heard about their request for 100 sweaters. Obviously the cute meter went through the roof because they ended up with over 1,000 penguin sweaters in the end.


This is a great way for individuals to have a positive impact on wildlife affected by the oil spill. Even if you don’t have a philanthropic bone in your body, you can’t help but say awe at the sight of penguins in little penguin sweaters.

If you are interested in knitting a sweater for the helpless penguins, head over to Skeinz’s website for instructions and a mailing address.

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