Pennhurst Insane Asylum or Pennhurst Mental Hospital: Ghostly Hauntings! {VIDEO & PICS)

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Here is a haunting video which was taken at Pennhurst State Mental Hospital. The insane asylum was located in Spring City, PA. Pennhurst State Mental Hospital is sometimes referred to as the Penhurst Insane Asylum. The Pennhurst Mental Hospital was an eery mental institution which had opened its doors in the late 1800’s.

However, the Pennhurst State Mental Hospital was permanently closed, because it was notorious for housing mental patients in bad conditions and a bad track record by the government’s standards.

After the investigation’s surrounding the Pennhurst Insane Asylum, many other investigations were started and then similar mental hospitals or insane asylums were closed down.

The Pennhurst State Mental Hospital or the Pennhurst Insane Asylum is well known for paranormal activity and ghost adventures. See this video of the Pennhurst State Mental Hospital in action:


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