Pennsylvania Purple Squirrel Puzzles at Jersey Shore: Is Fracking to Blame?

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An odd purple squirrel puzzled people at the Jersey Shore in Pennsylvania. Percy and Connie Elmert caught the critter in a humane trap they had in their backyard, and it has been released back into the wild. While it has become something of a celebrity, some people want to know why the animal is so vividly colored.

Pennsylvania Purple Squirrel Puzzles at Jersey Shore: Is Fracking to Blame?Connie Elmert knew she had seen the purple squirrel. She said, “I kept telling my husband I saw a purple one out in the yard. ‘Oh sure you did’ he kept telling me. Well, he checked the trap around noon on Sunday and sure enough, there it was.” Don’t you think he feels bad for doubting her now?

While it is possible that the squirrel had gotten into something that stained it that color, the fact that the unusual coloring was so uniform points to something like bromine, which is a by-product of fracking. Fracking is practiced in the state, so it is likely that could be the reason why the animal had the odd hue.

In humans, excessive bromine can cause bladder cancer, so it is not something to take lightly. Does this purple squirrel signal that the water in Pennsylvania is contaminated? That is scary, and hopefully authorities do not ignore the sign. Perhaps additional testing needs to be done to make sure that people and animals are not drinking too much bromine.

Are you scared about the effects of fracking on your health? Do you think they should do more testing on the water to see if it could be turning squirrels and other animals purple?

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