Pentagon Memorial Dedication Ceremony, Part I

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Seven years after 9-11 happened, the Pentagon Memorial dedication ceremony was finally held on 9/11/2008. I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony and witness the emotional moment. (Click HERE for more information.)

To this date, I still can’t believe how lucky we were. My husband used to work in the Pentagon office that was hit by the airplane. He just got transferred to a different office less than two weeks before it happened. So he was sitting next to me in the bleachers for the ceremony, instead of his picture being displayed on the projector screen.

We left the house shortly after 5:30 AM, and arrived at the Pentagon via Metrorail around 6:15 AM. After we passed the security checkpoint, the first thing we came up was the Healing Field. 2,298 American flags were displayed to pay tribute to all victims at all three 9-11 crash sites. (Click HERE for more information.)

The ceremony stage was set on the side of the Pentagon Memorial, with a center stage for the Air Force Band, a projector screen and chorus stand on the left, the flags and another stage on the right.

The benches in the Memorial were still in blue covers. It was just before sunrise.

Sunrise at the Pentagon.

A close-up of the flags and the Pentagon Memorial seal on the right.

A close-up of the center stage with the Air Force Band.

During the whole ceremony, we saw many airplanes flying by. The Reagan National Airport was just miles away.



We continued waiting for all the attendees to arrive and get seated, while the music was playing.

To be continued…

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