Pentagon Memorial Dedication Ceremony, Part II

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After the Air Force Band played the prelude, several groups of chorus performed singing. I think the first one up was the Army Chorus on the left.

Then the Naval Academy Chorus on the right.

I think it was the Air Force Chorus that sang next.

The students from J. W. Alvey Elementary School sang for their classmate, who was a victim on Flight 77. My husband said the girl in the middle with the sunglasses might be blind.

The last performance in the Prelude Concert was by a mixture of different services.

Then I noticed the special units started to staff on the roof on top of the Pentagon. My husband said the long stick they were carrying were the rifles. These two were the first ones I saw. Then they were all over the roof on every corner.

The projector was showing the Dedication of the Pentagon Memorial with the seal. Another plane was flying by.

Gordon R. England, Deputy Secretary of Defense, gave his remark on the ceremony. He told us 4 stories of the 184 individuals passed away on that dreadful day. An 11-year-old J. W. Alvey Elementary School student was on the flight that day, because he was hand-picked by his teacher to participate in the National Geographic project on the West Coast. There were two veterans who had survived both the Korean and Vietnam Wars and multiple plane crashes.

Tribute was paid for the first time to each of the 184 souls lost on 9/11/2001. Their names were read out loud, and their pictures were displayed on the projector, one by one.  Each of them had the sweetest smiles as their families and friends remembered them.  The youngest was only 3-year-old, and the oldest 71.

A wreath was laid by General Richard B. Myers, Air Force, Retired, Fifteenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Deborah Maitland-Roland, American Airlines Flight Attendant, and Lieutenant David Webster, Pentagon Force protection Agency officer.

The bugles played taps above the large American flag on the front of the Pentagon building, overlooking the Memorial.

A bagpiper played the Amazing Grace while walking through the field in the Memorial. He eventually stopped in front of the wreath.

A few big SUVs, an ambulance, a few police cars, and a few trucks showed up on the outside parameter. President Bush had arrived. I missed the action, but my husband said the back door (tailgate) of the black SUV (lower right hand corner in the picture) quickly opened, and a bunch of security guards jumped out really quickly.

To be continued…

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