Penthouse Model Found Dead at Camp Pendleton

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A former penthouse model was found dead at Camp Pendleton Beach in Oceanside, California. This is immediately a criminal investigation, and police are appealing to the public try to come up with clues to this apparent homicide.

Anneka Di Lorenzo

Anneka Di Lorenzo a Penthouse model from the 1970s, has been discovered dead at a popular location where Marines train. Her body was found with a broken neck back in January, but investigators are finally asking for help since their investigation is apparently not leading anywhere. Big surprise right? It’s disturbing that this happened so close to a military base.

Anneka Di Lorenzo acted in the classic Penthouse film Caligula, which became a cult hit. The model had moved away from her entertainment career and was working as a nursing assistant while raising a daughter. She was also being treated for various anxiety and deppression disorders. Initially, it was believed that she could’ve committed suicide, as an autopsy showed that she drowned. However, family and friends of the woman dispute this idea; if she’d jumped from a cliff, she wouldn’t have landed in the water.

Hopefully some help will come from the public in this case, and some closure can be brought to the family of the former Penthouse model. If someome murdered Anneka, it would be wise for investigators to check around the base, but it may serve as no use with it being so long after the discovery of ther body.


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