People Accept Whitney Houston’s Body on Magazine Cover? (US Weekly Poll)

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How the National Inquirer got a picture snapped of Whitney Houston during an open casket viewing for the front page without anyone questioning how wrong that would be has yet to be revealed. How could a magazine editor allow this cover to go to print? When the gossip magazine decided to run the deceased singer on the front cover, many were horrified. People acted out on Twitter and Facebook in outrage, but not many came to the magazine’s defense.

It is one thing to see a dead person on the cover of a magazine, but it is quite another to show such disrespect for her family. Us Weekly did a reader’s poll to see how readers found this magazine cover. Is it graceful to show Whitney Houston laying in the coffin, or is it completely bad taste as the open casket event was supposed to be a private event for family members to say goodbye? While the majority of the voters thought the picture was outrageous, 22 percent thought it was acceptable. That is approximately 1 in 5 people who find it normal and acceptable to see a deceased Whitney on the magazine cover.

It is almost surprising that such a large amount of people aren’t affected by this, considering many have called the picture morbid and the magazine’s action of printing it “shameless.” On the other hand, one could have expected National Inquirer do pull such a stunt, considering the magazine had done similar covers with Elvis Presley and John Lennon in the past.

Do you think the cover was acceptable or out of line?

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