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The pot was simmering on the stove

A new perfume was in the making

Something tantalizing was needed

All other scents were taken


A dash of this, a dash of that

a sniff or two, not just right yet

This must be different

Another ingredient she must get


To her wide variety of herbs upon her shelf

She poked and pulled out everything

Looked through her stash of treasures

To see what each could bring


The pot kept boiling, each thing was added

Very carefully, just a tint

Not too strong, we don’t want that

It’s spicy Peppermint


So start all over, she cried real tears

It smelled so good for candy

But perfume was what she was making

For wearing, not so dandy


So a dash of this, a dash of that

went into the pot again

A sniff, a whiff not quite just right

Thinking became a strain


Perhaps she could be content

With the first concoction made

Why not smell like peppermint,

It just might make the grade


For men are known to like it

When apple scents the hair

Perhaps candy luring fragrance

Might be the next big flair


How could I package this

Thoughts ran through her head

A pretty cane shaped bottle,

Striped with white and red






The List of Things to Do:

  • Add this Challenge Statement to the post: Pick a smell, either an enjoyable scent, or an unpleasant odor, and use it as a focal point to describe an emotional scene. The scene can be fiction, non-fiction, or in poetic form. But the sense of smell must be the focus of your post, and there must be an emotional context. I don’t want facts I want feelings.



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