Peppermint patties, recipe

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This is a great hands-on candy, so easy and the kids love helping out.

Peppermint-patties, are good for helping your digestive system after a big meal.

3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk

3 cups confectionary sugar

1 tsp pepermint flavor


Start with 1 cup of confectionary sugar, adding in condensed milk slowly. Keep adding the sugar until you have made a simple dough. Add in the peppermint flavoring.

Shaping your mints:

You can do this in two ways, use what ever is easier for you.

1. Using an ice-cream scope, scope out a bit of dough, then roll into a ball.

Press the ball into a flat circle. Place circles on wax paper to dry, turning after an hour.

2. You can roll out the dough, lightly cover area with confectionary sugar. and  use cookie cutter let dry.

Melt chocolate, use a fork to dip mint patties into chocolate, place on waxed paper to dry. Add candy paper hears to decorate if you want.

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