‘Perception’ ‘Faces’ Recap: Lies and Changes

Perception continues with episode 2, “Faces.” It begins with Pierce speaking to his class about lying and figuring out how to tell when someone is. There’s the polygraph, which Moretti has someone hooked up to. Pierce explains that by using an fMRI machine, you could spot a lie. “Can the brain ever lie to itself?” he asks his class.

Moretti bumps into a man, who then invites her out for drinks, but once she has a new tea, she finds Pierce. Olena is Frank’s mail-order bride from the Ukraine, and he had to visit a loan shark, Alexi, to afford her. Alexi said he’d take Olena to “work” off the money, and the night before, Frank encountered an intruder and was knocked out. Olena’s missing, but he can’t remember what the intruder looked like even though they were face-to-face.

There are new government security protocols in place, and Pierce doesn’t react well to the X-ray scanner. He runs, and Moretti stops him. Instead, one of the guards ends up searching him. Upon talking to Frank and asking what his wife looks like, Pierce realizes what’s going on. He brings Moretti out and changes her outfit before bringing her back in. Frank doesn’t remember her. Frank has “face blindness.” He can’t recognize faces. They need to have Frank ID Alexi by voice.

Moretti and Probert go to see the front of Alexi’s scam, and she says Olena went home because Frank was mean to her. She wanted out. With some threats, Moretti gets Yuri’s name. He was shaking down Frank. A body matching Olena’s description is found, and Yuri is now their prime suspect.

Haley introduces Pierce to Michael, the man who bumped into Moretti. He only considered Haley’s offer because it would give him the chance to work with Pierce, who doesn’t hold back from making it clear what he thought of Michael’s book. When Pierce returns to his office, a man is waiting to tell him it would be best not to work with the FBI. He too could disappear. They have a mole.

Frank IDs Yuri based on his voice and his widow’s peak as the man who took Olena. Moretti suggests that Yuri didn’t mean to kill her and may just be looking at involuntary manslaughter. They want Alexi, but if he does that, he might as well get the death penalty. Pierce notices a woman and her pendant. Yuri has one like it. She asks if Yuri really killed her. There is a mole. She’s a hallucination.

Natalie wonders why he didn’t mention the mobster threatening him to Moretti. He didn’t want her to think he’s crazy, but he is wondering if he is real. What’s more likely? He talks it through with Natalie, who says he has her and Lewicki and is managing his condition. Pierce focuses on the mole, and Natalie points out there is another kind—the kind that burrows underground. Moles are blind. Pierce goes to Moretti and says Frank could’ve killed Olena without realizing it was her. He could’ve also tracked her down purposefully after she ran away with all the money he owes. However, he passed a polygraph. So what happened?

Pierce and Moretti talk to Masha, the housekeeper who found Frank unconscious. She’s moving on because she was hired to translate for Olena. Masha says Olena’s cousin visited before she worked there, but Frank didn’t like her. Frank didn’t let Olena go anywhere and hit her sometimes. Moretti finds a note from Jolene, and Frank’s paying her credit card bills.

They bring Jolene in, and she says she’ll cooperate but wants to keep it from her husband. She says the charges aren’t hers and her husband took away her credit card. She doesn’t know Frank and hasn’t called him. Moretti suggests a second phone. One of Pierce’s hallucinations brings up Jolene’s shoes, and he asks about them. It turns out she stole money to buy herself things to feel better.

Someone’s been using Jolene’s name at a hotel, and Pierce realizes “mole” is “imposter.” Someone changed her appearance to look close enough to Jolene, and according to the charges, every Thursday, this person visits a bar. When they get to the bar, they see the same car that was outside Frank’s house the night Olena disappeared. The owner of the car says he loved Olena, and she said she was going to leave Frank. He went there that night looking for her, but she was already gone. Moretti asks about Jolene, and Pierce’s hallucination says he knows who the mole is. Though the guy says he doesn’t know Jolene, Pierce says he knows her intimately.

Pierce and Moretti ask Frank to ID a body, and he admits to the affair with Jolene. The real Jolene is alive, and the imposter was Olena. Frank thought he killed his mistress, but he killed his wife. He says he never meant to kill her. Haley catches up to Pierce about Michael. Everyone wants him, but Haley tells Pierce he’ll apologize and go to a Cubs game with him. Moretti’s waiting in his office, and Pierce tells her about the Cubs tickets. He gives them to her and leaves. Michael catches up to her in the hall, and she invites him to the game.

Natalie asks why he didn’t take Moretti, and Pierce can’t understand how Olena pulled off the scam. When he sees Moretti and Michael, Natalie says it could’ve been him. He realizes Olena isn’t dead.

Pierce and Moretti find Masha getting ready to leave. She’s Olena. Paulina, the cousin Frank didn’t like, always protected her. They noticed that Frank sometimes thought she was Olena and didn’t recognize her when she came to visit. The plan fell into place then. Paulina became her, while she became the maid. Moretti says that her marriage was punishment enough and she’s going into witness protection.

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