‘Perception’ ‘Messenger’ Recap: The Question of Belief

Perception continues with episode 5, “Messenger.” It begins with Daniel having the day off, only for Haley to call him in to accept an award that includes a check. It’s a big deal, and Daniel walks out. Haley follows, but Kate interrupts with a case. She only has her victim’s religious tattoos to go on and wants Haley to look at them because of his background. However, while Haley thinks Kate should look into local Hindu temples, it’s Daniel who’s right that she should look into methadone clinics. Jared’s mother says that he claimed to have found the voice of God and was getting clean.

That leads them to Haven House, centered around 16-year-old Kyle who talks directly to God. Everyone who joins gives everything they have. Kate and Daniel watch as he talks about doubt. Kyle says there’s someone there who doesn’t believe at all, looking directly at Daniel. After, Kyle’s mother says they last saw Jared the previous morning before he went jogging. Nicki mentions that he talked about seeing old friends from where he used to score, and everyone points the finger at Shane, a former Haven House resident who threatened them and ranted about Jared paying for his sins when he left. Kyle’s father claims the money all goes to charities, and Kyle explains that God first told him that he asks for everything but gives everything in return. Nicki gave everything and got everything, including a fiancé in Kyle’s brother, Greg.

Daniel talks to Kyle alone and finds out God first started talking to him when he was 12 and he gets headaches and feels nauseated. Daniel explains these are signs of temporal lobe epilepsy and he has a tumor. He wants to run tests, but Kyle thinks God gave it to him so he could talk to him. He refuses to get rid of it, and his parents aren’t going to force him to.

Daniel tells Kate Joan of Arc had the same illness. Her money is on Shane. Daniel suggests following the money, and they talk to Ethan at the I.R.S., but he says he looked into it. When they bring in Shane, he says he was outside Haven House the night Jared was killed and saw Nicki go into Jared’s room. He suggests Greg saw it too. Daniel’s hallucination, Joan of Arc this week, tells Daniel he’s not the killer.

Nicki admits she was in Jared’s room but says she heard him crying and was worried. He did make a pass at her, but she turned him down and left. Kyle stops Daniel as he and Kate are leaving and asks what they were talking to Nicki about. They can’t discuss it, but Kyle holds Daniel back to tell him God said he isn’t going to be alive for long. Daniel suggests he get treatment, but Kyle just wants to know how long he has to make plans.

Daniel’s talking it over with Natalie when Sandy calls. Kyle fell, and a scan at the hospital revealed the tumor. They need to operate, and though Tom thinks of what Kyle wants, Sandy refuses to lose her son. Kyle didn’t have elevated prolactin levels when he came in, meaning he didn’t have a seizure. Daniel wonders if someone pushed him down the stairs. Kate leaves to continue her investigation, but Daniel stays to guard Kyle. Kate talks to a guy who beat up Jared, but the guy explains that he was annoyed at him for passing out pamphlets about Haven House. He felt bad and looked at them only to realize the Afghanistan school they were supposedly sending money to didn’t exist. He told Jared about it and suggested he go to the I.R.S.

The doctor removed Kyle’s tumor, but he’s in a coma and it doesn’t look good. Kate picks up Ethan, who plays innocent at first, but finally starts talking when Kate offers to let him plead down. Kate arrests Tom after Ethan names him as the one who bribed him. However, Tom says he never gave Ethan anything and thinks the school is real. At the hospital, Nicki convinces Sandy to go rest while Greg makes some calls and she stays with Kyle. She asks for time alone with Kyle, but Daniel’s not leaving, especially after Joan of Arc says she’s going to kill Kyle. Nicki was eager to get everyone out of the room. Ethan was planning to go to a romantic tropical island; was Nicki going with him?

When the machine beeps and Daniel tells Nicki Kyle’s dead, she doesn’t look at him and instead hurries out to call his parents. Once she’s out, Daniel plugs the machine back in. He’s still alive. Kate finds Nicki putting cash into a bag. She returns to interrogating Ethan and tells him Nicki placed all the blame on him. When Kate reveals Nicki wasn’t going to the Maldives with him, Ethan says it was all her. She killed Jared. She hooked up with Greg to be on the inside. She put together the website for the school and emailed it to Tom. Jared started asking questions. Ethan has a flash drive with sound files to prove it. Kyle overheard too much, and Nicki pushed him down the stairs.

Kyle does wake up and should be just fine. Daniel still doesn’t think God exists, even though Joan of Arc tells him a message he sent ranting must’ve done the trick. Tom tells Daniel they’re closing Haven House and opening a school in Afghanistan. Kyle knows that’s what God wants. He hears him like anyone can if they listen. Daniel signs over the check from his award to them. He doesn’t believe in God, but he believes in Kyle, who gives Daniel a strawberry as a gift and says he’ll appreciate it.

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