‘Perception’ ‘Nemesis’ Recap: To Medicate or Not to Medicate

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Perception season 1 continues with episode 7, “Nemesis.” Kate introduces Daniel to the new FBI director, Irene, who explains that Karen, a judge up for Solicitor General, has been receiving disturbing letters. Karen insists Brady’s harmless. He’s a paranoid schizophrenic Karen sentenced to treatment. They want Daniel to help get Brady off the streets.

Brady lets Kate and Daniel in when they say Karen sent them. While he talks about enemies, Daniel looks over the writing and drawings on his wall. He sees Karen as Nemesis, essentially a superhero. Daniel tells him he can trust them like he trusts the healer. The letters were to let her know he’s on her side.

Daniel explains to Karen that Brady sees her as a superhero for him to protect, which she sees as a relief. Her husband, David, wants him locked up. They can’t force him into treatment. Karen declines federal protection after what she dealt with when she was on the Irish mob’s radar. Natalie tells Daniel not being on medication prevents him from leading a normal life and making real friends, but he likes the friends he has. Kate interrupts with news that Karen’s been stabbed to death. David blames Daniel, as does Irene when Kate tries to bring up suspects other than Brady. Irene says it looked like the work of a disturbed man. They’re off the case.

Natalie thinks Daniel’s over-identifying with Brady, but he argues that Brady saw Karen positively. She suggests he can find him, and he goes to Kate. They need to find “the healer,” which brings them to the psychiatric hospital. A nurse there tells them Brady’s freaked out by the sight of blood, and once Daniel promises he’ll try to keep him out of jail, she tells him about an abandoned warehouse. Kate brings it to Irene, and Daniel convinces her he has to be the one to bring him in. At the warehouse, Daniel slowly gets Brady out of hiding, but when the agents see his sword, one tasers him.

Daniel tries to get in to see Brady, but Irene tells him he confessed and told them where the knife was. He doesn’t believe it. He calls it imagination inflation, but Kate says the interrogation was by the book and he did it. Daniel’s hallucination of the week is Nemesis, and she tells him Brady needs a friend. Daniel goes to the public defender and convinces him to let him evaluate Brady and testify on his behalf to try to get the confession thrown out. When he talks to Brady, he can’t get him to focus. Brady begins hitting his head to stop “them” from blocking the frequencies and then says he’s sorry he killed her.

Daniel has been calling out of work, and Max tells him he needs to snap out of it. Daniel doesn’t reply. Natalie points out he helped Brady and got him into therapy. She thinks he can learn from it and once again points out he should be on medication. Daniel writes out a prescription and sends Max to fill it. Natalie calls it a start and tells him to see Brady since the reality of what he did will hit him since he’s on medication. Brady wishes he had listened to Daniel. The voices told him Karen was in danger, so he went to her house with his sword. He saw himself from above stabbing her, then saw himself beside her trying to stop the bleeding. He didn’t want to hurt her. Nemesis asks Daniel if he ever thinks he’s having a hallucination that turned out to be real. Daniel wonders why he didn’t use the sword to kill Karen. He has no idea where he got the knife.

Daniel poses that question to Kate and suggests that Brady did try to save Karen but wasn’t the one to stab her. He thinks the voices Brady heard were real—a set-up from the killer. His prime suspect is David, who could have hired someone since he was giving a speech at the time of the murder. When Irene finds Kate working that angle, she tells her to ask Daniel about what happened last year. When Kate asks why he quit his consulting gig and teaching when she went to D.C., he finally admits he was in a psychiatric hospital. He realized he needed help. That was where he met Max, an orderly, and got him the TA job so he could finish grad school and continue helping him.

Kate got Brady’s phone records; he was getting calls from a prepaid cell the day of the murder. They trace it, and Kate lures the guy out of a bar before bringing him to the warehouse since she can’t bring him to the office. Pete didn’t kill the judge but admits to making the calls. It wasn’t his idea—or David’s. He didn’t know someone was going to die and was just told to get Brady to the house. Kate gets a name from him—Bobby, part of the Irish mob. Bobby claims to be a legitimate businessman in real estate. They realize they have the right guy, but the wrong motive.

They bring David in and tell him Bobby’s responsible. It all traces back to David. He needed money for his business, but then he sold information about a ruling to Bobby, and that made him rich. However, this could have all come out during the background check on Karen with her up for Solicitor General, and when he asked Bobby for more time to convince her to turn down the nomination, Bobby said it was too late. She needed to go. They set up Brady.

As Brady’s leaving the hospital, Daniel tells him of his own diagnosis and says work and friends help. When Daniel gets home, he puts his prescription in the medicine cabinet and plays piano, Natalie joining him.

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