‘Perception’ Season 1 Finale ‘Light’ Preview: The ‘True Daniel Pierce’ and Natalie

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Perception season 1 comes to an end on Monday with episode 10, “Light,” which will be addressing whether or not there’s actually a conspiracy going on or if it is just Daniel’s schizophrenia.

Season 1 Finale “Light” Promo

“In part two of the season finale, Moretti learns there may be some truth to Pierce’s conspiracy theory when new evidence shows up online. Meanwhile, Pierce’s new doctor forces him to face the truth about Natalie. Freddy Rodriguez and Jimmy Bennett guest-star.”

Episode 9, “Shadow,” saw Daniel investigating a possible conspiracy theory (and kissing Kate) only to find out in the end it was all in his head. He only snapped out of it because Max came home from a weekend with his parents, and the episode ended with him checking himself into a hospital. However, Kate then saw a video online from Wesley that made her stop and wonder if perhaps Daniel was onto something.

The Perception season 1 finale promo for “Light” (below) shows Daniel asking Natalie about her doctor’s coat…or a woman he thinks is Natalie. She asks, “Who’s Natalie?” This episode is going to show “the true Daniel Pierce.” What will come out during his stay? What will be revealed about Natalie? What will Kate find as she continues to look into Wesley’s death and the possible conspiracy? It looks like the TNT drama may have saved the best for last, and this looks like it’s going to be a must-see episode.

What do you think of the Perception season 1 episode 10 preview of the finale, “Light”?

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