‘Perception’ ‘Shadow’ Recap: Is There a Conspiracy Or Is Daniel Crazy?

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Perception season 1 continues with episode 9, “Shadow.” “What are you afraid of?” Daniel asks his class. Fear can override rational thought. Max prepares Daniel for the weekend since he’s going to see his parents. Daniel mocks Senator Ryland being sworn in, and Natalie suggests he could surprise him. As Max is leaving, he hands him a letter left by Wesley, a former student, to meet him at 2 a.m.

Wesley claims that Ryland’s predecessor’s plane was sabotaged, and Crawford, a CEO, is responsible because Paulson chaired a committee that was going to pass a clean energy bill that would’ve cost his company billions. An engineer, Brian, died after he found out about the sabotage, and Wesley thinks it was murder. A reporter believed him, but he drove his car off the road. Wesley gives him an envelope with evidence before an arrow strikes him in the eye. Daniel calls Kate in a panic, but when Probert gets to the scene, there’s no body.

Hours later, there are no reports anyone saw anything or traces of blood. The envelope holds newspaper clippings. Daniel isn’t a reliable witness. There also isn’t a record of Wesley in Chicago or attending college. Daniel says he just audited his class. Kate’s going to keep looking, but she asks if it’s possible he was hallucinating. Daniel keeps digging, and Natalie points out it sounds like a story a schizophrenic would come up with. He could’ve put it together. She asks if he’s been taking his meds and tells him to think of Kate’s reputation. That’s when Kate shows up with video proof from a student’s phone. She apologizes for doubting him.

Daniel thinks looking into what Wesley was investigating could lead them to his killer. They turn to David’s boss, who calls Wesley crazy. In his office, Daniel sees his hallucination-of-the-week: JFK. They leave with a box of David’s work, and on a page is written Pleiades. Meanwhile, Probert finds a connection: David’s phone records show calls with Helen, Paulson’s wife. There are also clippings showing Helen was asked to replace her husband, but she turned it down and endorsed Ryland. When they get to her place, EMTs are loading her into an ambulance. JFK tells Daniel it’s Dallas all over again and someone tried to kill her.

Kate and Daniel briefly talk to Helen in the hospital. David told her that Crawford sabotaged Paulson’s plane, but she didn’t believe it because he’s a close friend. Daniel’s asking about the senate seat when everything goes wrong. After she dies, they talk to Crawford, and Daniel notices the Pleiades stars on his wall. Crawford says he was looking into the accusations but his system was working perfectly. Daniel argues he could’ve falsified the data. At home, Natalie suggests the stars are significant in another way—history. That gets him thinking about the center of the universe and the secret society, the order of Alcyone. They manipulated events to get appointments in high positions, and JFK tells him the conspiracy was about getting Ryland in.

Daniel tells Kate Crawford’s company bought electronic voting machines. The election results don’t match up with the exit polling. His opponent should’ve won by a landslide. Fortunately, they have Janice, who says she found a virus to alter the results. Brian hacked into Crawford’s email and read about a big meeting with the senior council—and Ryland. She’s willing to testify and hands over a flash drive with a copy of the virus. Helen died from radiation poisoning. She consumed polonium about a week ago. Someone killed her.

There’s nothing on Janice’s flash drive, and when they go to her hotel room, they find her dead. She too was poisoned. Daniel thinks the meeting is the key to breaking the conspiracy, and JFK tells him the answer to when it’s happening is in the stars. Daniel realizes it comes back to Pleiades and the Heliacal Rising. The meeting is the next day. However, Probert then shows up to arrest Daniel for Wesley’s murder.

The video shows Daniel with the crossbow, but he insists he’s being set up. Probert asks if he had anything to do with the other deaths, and Daniel turns to Kate. She knows he’s not capable of hurting anyone—in the right frame of mind. She suggests he didn’t know what he was doing. JFK says there’s a fox in the henhouse—Probert.

Daniel turns on Probert. He and Kate take Daniel in cuffs to the elevator, where she tasers Probert. She knows Daniel wouldn’t kill anyone. She’s going to plant a wire in the conference room before the meeting and tells Daniel she’ll meet him in a few hours. He kisses her before leaving. When Kate’s late, Daniel goes to the conference room, getting in with the code Pleiades. However, once inside, everyone begins shaking JFK’s hand. A guard tries to push Daniel out, and it turns out it’s Max. Daniel’s at home, with newspaper clippings on the wall.

When Kate walks in, Daniel hugs her and asks why she didn’t meet him. She’s confused; the last time she saw him was when she drove him home after looking for Wesley’s body—two days ago. The video of the sniper is just something for his class. Upstairs in the bathroom, Natalie tells Daniel he needs help. He only came out of the delusional state because Max came home. He takes out the medication, but she tells him he needs to go to the hospital. He says he needs to be with her, but she says keeping her around is what got him into this mess. He needs to let her go for his sanity. He goes downstairs and asks for a ride. At the hospital, he checks himself in.

Probert shows Kate a video online: A video of Wesley that was to be released when he died. If they’re watching, he’s been killed.

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