Perfect Stranger

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At the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills where I’m a hair colorist, my colleagues and I work in the type of environment where our clients are free to ask questions, share, and discuss whatever subjects intrigue them. We get to make connections with people–often perfect strangers–from all walks of life. This may mean offering a referral to a doctor, discussing political issues, or simply recommending a wonderful movie. We exchange gossip about the great and not so great in our worlds, and we share laughter–sometimes even tears.               

But gorgeous hair color is not exclusive to this intimate world. I’ve always catered to long-distance clients. Whether they live in a different state or a different country, they can call and ask for their hair color formula (recipe). Of course, sometimes they can’t find the right color, or their hairdresser doesn’t like to use other stylists’ formulas or doesn’t like the particular brand I use. Some clients live hours from civilization, but they don’t want to look as though they do. I’ve shipped color formulas and (recipes) to clients who are acting in films or are on tour. Occasionally, I’ve even boarded a plane to do a long-distance house call-all to keep my clients camera ready.

My mom, who lives in Arizona, is an amazing at-home hair colorist. When I’m visiting her or she’s visiting me, I do her color. But mostly she does it on her own whenever she can’t get to the salon. Whenever I do her hair color, I give her the  recipe I use in the salon. Of course, once in awhile she runs out of the products. She ends up at the grocery store buying whatever brand is available in the closest shade. She’s stumbled  onto some great results, which eventually set off a little light bulb in my brain: I could create color formulas using hair color products that are readily available in all types of stores.

Not long after I figured this out, I was in the kitchen looking through my cookbooks for something different to whip up for a little dinner party.  I started turning the pages of one of the many books of the genius chef Jamie Oliver. I saw this recipe for “stuffed cherry chilis”-this gorgeous, red, shiny, luscious picture-and thought, oh my gosh! Instead of food, let’s “cook” up some gorgeous hair color using products anyone can find, anywhere, whether at a grocery store or pharmacy or over the Internet. That’s it… a recipe book for the at-home hair colorist! (Which of course I have been since I was sixteen years old-eons ago.) Thanks, Jamie, for sharing a delish recipe, but more important, for inspiring a “perfect stranger”!


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