‘Periods’ Puts an Exclamation Point on HollyShorts Opening

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A highly engaged audience of filmmakers and moviebuffs alike packed the halls of Grauman’s Chinese Theater for opening night of the Hollyshorts film festival.

Although it was a showcase of short films, it did not let up in terms of impact with “Periods” putting an exclamation point on opening night at the Hollyshorts Film Festival.

“Periods” is a web series produced by Before the Door in collaboration with Zachary Quinto who is best known for his dramatic roles in movies like “Star Trek”—and most recently—“Margin Call”, which was also produced by Before The Door.

The short is a comedic uppercut of vignettes on different epochs in history, like Adam&Eve, The Vikings, The Pilgrims, etc. You can check them out on their YouTube channel. The creators describe the skits as “smart comedy” which is probably why they are so popular and original.

Take, for example, this one called FOPS, a French Revolution, pop-culture infused redux that riffs off of the 90’s show “Cops”. A manhunt leads a couple of angry peasants to iconic aristocracy, apprehending them for getting their “cake-on”. The entire movie is a culmination of these smart and funny skits that explore different periods in history.

The flick was very well received, which is a great reflection on how well the channel has been doing online with over half-a-million views.

Before the Door Productions will be releasing a new romantic comedy that should be equally hilarious. Be sure to visit their Facebook page to stay tuned.

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