Perrie Edwards Dishes on Relationship with Zayn Malik

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Perrie Edwards has been dating One Direction’s Zayn Malik since April, but, despite the fact that they’ve only been together for a couple of months, Perrie and Zayn appear to have a strong relationship (at least, so far.) Perrie has revealed what she thinks is important in making a relationship succeed.

Perrie Edwards says the best relationship advice she can give is to “Be understanding, be unselfish…”

Although that is wonderful advice, being understanding and unselfish will only get you so far with a guy – it’s also important to have confidence in yourself.

“Sometimes you’ll never be happy with what you do have. Sometimes you’ll be too skinny, and you’ll want to put more weight on. Sometimes you’ll weigh more, and then you’ll want to lose weight. Girls are just girls, to be honest, but when it comes to stuff like that, you’ve just got to be confident,” said Perrie Edwards.

Sometimes just acting the part can be enough. If you pretend to be confident with who you are, then you will come across as someone who is confident, a trait which is very appealing to others….that is, as long as you are confident without being arrogant.

They’ve only been dating a short time, but do you think Perrie’s relationship with Zayn Malik will last?

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