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“Person of Interest” fans move to the edge of their seats as Michael Emerson (Finch) tells the audience, “You are being watched” with a machine that he built for the government, and Jim Caviezel (Reese), a trained killer. Together these two men will keep you wondering in this drama where they star as good guys with the wonders of modern technology and two detectives on their side who work side by side, but have no idea of the other’s affiliation with Finch and Reese. The CIA is looking for Reese as he continues to fight for justice for the little guy, while Reese transforms from cat to mouse and back again.

In this episode, a New York cabbie, Fermin Ordonez is the newest “Person of Interest.” He drops off a man who gives him $250, and when he picks him up, he will receive the other $250. The next day, Finch gets in the cab and gives the man a large tip, but plants a tracking device in the cab. Then he picks up a guy who wants him to put the radio on, and when he tells the passenger the radio is broken, the man keeps kicking the seat. As he pulls over, the man jumps out and takes off without paying his fare; this is just one of the characters he picks up while Finch listens in to all conversations.

While Carter is at her desk trading barbs with Finch, she picks up the newspaper with a headline stating that the H.R. Trial will begin. Simmons is talking to Quinn on the phone who tells him there will be no more dealing with HR, as per Elias. Most are in jail or dead, and at this point he wonders if there is anybody left. Simmons and Quinn are walking together, and Quinn suggests that they make peace with Elias. Quinn tells him to be careful, and he tells him that he will bring backup. Simmons calls Fusco to attend a meeting with Elias’ guys.

As Reese is tracking the cabbie, he stops at an electronics shop, and the man gives him $800 in an envelope and puts it in the trunk of his cab. He goes into a restaurant with the bag and gives it to a man. He tells him that it is forty-thousand for Maria and Jorge as they spoke about. They are his wife and young son. The man tells him that he has a problem: the money is only enough to get one of them out of Cuba. He tells the man that the neighbors are getting suspicious that they may be leaving and if the authorities find out, she will be arrested. The man tells him this is the land of opportunity when he asks where he can get another $40,000.

Reese and Finch now know that they have a desperate man on their hands. Fermin was a player for the Cuban National team when he defected to the U.S. during a game here.

Simmons tells Fusco to meet him, and he tries to get out of it. Simmons tells him there are too many skeletons in his closet and some in the ground that can be dug up. Fusco agrees. They meet with Elias’ men, and they want to know what they are offering and why. Simmons tells him they want Elias’ support to rebuild HR and, in return, the address of a turncoat in the witness protection program. He calls Elias who agrees, but rather than his address, they want him delivered.

A body is found in the park, and Carter is called, but other cops are there and the Secret Service is all around the body. He has a Russian name, and now they are looking for witnesses or the person who drove him there and will check surveillance cameras in the area. The GPS records show that the cab driver was in the area before the man showed up dead.

A blonde woman with a Russian accent gets into the cab and tells Fermin to drive. She has a picture of a man that was in his cab last night, and she wants to know if he left anything behind. After that she says something in Russian into her phone and leaves the cab. Reese subsequently jumps in and tries to tell him to leave. Reese shows a gun and tells him he is about to be blocked in on both sides and to one of the cars and hit the gas as shots are fired between the men and Reese.

Finch tells Reese that he believes the woman was Estonian. Whatever the man left in the cab is not worth his life as Reese tells him. He tells Reese the man left a laptop in the cab, and he sold it. Now they have to get the laptop back to keep Fermin alive. They go where he sold the laptop, but the guy is dead behind the counter. He sold the laptop before the mob got there. Finch knows there must be a tracking device on it, and they will be tracking it to the next destination.

Finch found out that the computer contained info about foreign travelers and security clearances that could be detrimental to the security of America. Finch got the laptop just as the blonde shows up. However, so does John, who subdues the goons. Carter pulls some strings with the Secret Service and tells them that Ordonez was responsible for retrieving the laptop. As a favor, they brought his wife and son to the United States from Cuba.

Now Simmons is going to blow the whistle on Fusco because he wants to leave HR. He anonymously calls Carter to tell her that Davidson was killed by a fellow cop. Fans know it was Fusco on film committing the deed.

Photo of Jim Caviezel: Wikimedia by Genevieve

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