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“Person of Interest” keeps fans on the edge of their seat as Michael Emerson (Finch) tells the audience, “You are being watched,” by a machine that he built for the government. Along with Finch is Jim Caviezel (Reese), a trained CIA killer, but a guy on the side of righteousness. Together these two men will keep you wondering in this drama where they star as good guys with the wonders of modern technology and two detectives (Carter & Fusco) on their side who work side by side with them and try to keep their jobs. The CIA is looking for Reese as he continues to fight for justice for the little guy, while Reese transforms from cat to mouse and back again.

As the episode opens, Reese is in his room with his dog as Finch comes in and is surprised that the dog is still with Reese. Reese tells Finch that the newest name is Sophia Campos, a Brazilian diplomat’s beautiful daughter. She speaks six languages and recently lost her mother to cancer. Her father is a political bigwig in a country with problematic parties as he strives to become president of Brazil.

Reese overhears Sophia berating her bodyguard for traveling too close to her as he calls her a bitch under his breath. While shopping with Sophia, Reese bumps into the bodyguard and minutes later, the bodyguard is arrested for shoplifting. Now she needs a new bodyguard… guess who?

At the precinct, Fusco lets Carter know that he located missing evidence in the Alicia Corwin case. It points to more corruption in the upper ranks of the police department.

Sophia tells her father that Reese has squinty eyes and not to hire him, but that is all the more reason to hire him. Sophia tries to avoid Reese, but he finds her on the street just as a black BMW speeds away with two men inside who were watching her.

Sophia goes to a club with her friend and does not want Reese to come inside. He does so and as he is talking to Finch on the phone, she starts dancing on the bar while someone tries to take her picture before Reese slaps the phone away and carries her out of the club.

Again protesting to her father, Sophia wants Reese fired, but the father knows he is doing a good job. As they are shopping, Sophia again gives Reese the slip and Finch tracks her cell phone a block away. Reese finds her with a man named Jack, her boyfriend.

At the morgue, Carter is checking on the body of Alicia Corwin when she spots Agent Snow leaving. She tells him that he will not find Reese there. He tells her that he has been reassigned and will no longer be searching for him. The morgue attendant tells her that Snow was there to see Corwin just before her.

Finch learns the BMW was a rental to a detective from Sao Paolo, where the aspiring president is from. As Reese is taking Sophia to the club, the BMW comes up next to them, and a man jumps out to snap Sophia’s picture. Reese grabs the camera and takes the card out and then drops the camera in the street and pulls away. Sophia’s friend Gabby is nowhere to be found, and at the club, the BMW guys flash guns and start shooting. Reese manages to get Sophia out of the club after taking out a few of them and snaps a picture of one with an unusual scar near his ear.

Now Gabby is missing and the guy who she and Sophia were with last week has committed suicide by jumping out a penthouse window right after the two women left. Reese and Sophia go looking for Gabby. Carter traced the cell phone of Gabby and found her body in the morgue. Sophia blames herself for Gabby’s death. Now Reese wants Finch to stay with Sophia while he tracks the killer. As Finch takes the dog named Bear for a walk, he has an anxiety attack and has to return. Reese gets Fusco to take over watching Sophia as he goes on the hunt for the killers.

Finch is watching the security cameras at the consulate and notices someone in the kitchen. It is Jack, Sophia’s boyfriend who is in with the killers. As Sophia goes to the ladies’ room, Fusco waits outside, but she slips away to see Jack, who then turns her over to an assassin. Back in his hotel, he plans his trip to the Cayman Islands.

Fusco rescues Sophia, but then the assassin wrestles the gun away and laughs at Fusco’s diminutive size until Reese slams his car into the car they are standing between. After he is apprehended; they go to Jack’s apartment where Reese hangs Jack over the balcony until he is apprehended.

Agent Snow seems to be doing work for Cara (Reese’s ex-CIA partner, but it is against his will, as she removes the detonation device from the vest he is wearing, then leaves him alone in a basement of some kind.

The post-mortem cut on Alicia Corwin’s shoulder was caused by Weeks, who took the device out and made a call stating that they were in trouble.

Sophia, the “Person of Interest” will now return to Brazil with her father and work on his presidential campaign and wanted Reese to go with her, but his heart for now, is in New York, as he seems to be a caretaker for Finch who must recover from his post-traumatic disorder.

Photo of Michael Emerson: Wikimedia Author zsumoz; Photo of Jim Caviezel: Wikimedia Author Genevieve

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