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“Person of Interest” brings fans to the edge of their seat as Michael Emerson (Finch) tells the audience, and has not missed a beat picking up where last season left off.

As the episode opens, Harold Finch is sitting in a diner with Caroline Root. She was the “Person of Interest” the machine gave him at the end of last season. She was known as Caroline Turing, a psychologist who put a hit out on herself to find Finch.

She planned well, and John Reese became a client of hers named Rooney to get closer to her and make it easier for Finch to track her. John became the pawn in her deadly game to capture Finch, and now she has him. While in the diner, a police officer comes in to eat, and she tells Finch not to do a thing or she will kill an innocent person.

Reese turns up at Detective Carter’s apartment and tells her about Root and how they were duped by her. He told her that she now has Finch. Knowing Finch, John knows that he had to leave clues. John follows clues, but the clues lead to more people in need of help and not Harold’s whereabouts. The clue John got brought him to an Asian man named Leon, who is about to be killed by men of the Aryan Brotherhood in the bar where Reese found him. Reese shot the men and took off with Leon.

Back in time to the beginnings of the machine, Finch fine tunes it as it tracks his every move.

Now Leon is with Reese, and sees his car towed away. He just wants to leave and begs Reese to help him get his car back; it’s the least he can do after ending his negotiations with the men. It seems that Leon stole eight million dollars from them when he unknowingly was working at the corporate arm of the Aryan Nation. Reese finally breaks the window of a police car and handcuffs Leon to the steering wheel and leaves him there. Finch calls Fusco and asks him to protect Leon while he is in custody. Fusco tells him to ask Carter, but she is already working on the murder investigation of Alicia Corwin for Reese.

“Special Counsel”, a.k.a. “Pennsylvania Two,” meets with NSA Deputy Director Denton Weeks to ask him about the late Alicia Corwin. He instructs his accomplice to disrupt the NYPD’s investigation and kill Reese who they know by the name Pack.

John finds a copy of a fake drivers license in the name of Caroline Turing and asks Carter to trace the employee who issued it.

Leon faked a heart attack and ran out of the police station. Fusco found him with Reese’s help, but was attacked by the Aryan’s and lost him again.

Back in time again, Harold goes to a casino to test the machine and wins a large amount of money playing black jack, only to lose it when he goes against the machine’s advice. Test over… not quite. As the commands of “hold” or “stay” worked well with the test at the black jack table, the machine continues to tell Finch to “stay,” and by doing so, he avoids being killed by a drunk driver. He then tells the machine to not protect him, but to protect everyone.

While in a pharmacy, Caroline cuts Finch’s hand with a razor blade, and as the pharmacist is aiding him, she goes into the back and takes medications.

Reese finds Leon and Fusco both tied up after being worked over by the Aryans. But they found Reese first and have a trained military dog that is ready to attack. The strange thing about the dog is that Reese had trained dogs like this when he was in Tikrit, and the dogs only respond to commands in Dutch. Reese spoke two phrases to the dog in Dutch, and the dog responded, and the three were able to escape the captives.

Caroline and Harold are in a fancy restaurant, and she drugs a woman by distracting her. She knows the woman lies on her taxes and is sleeping with a married man. She tells Harold that he created life and then handed it over to a corrupt government. When the woman falls down on the floor, she grabs her purse and texts a message that states, “Emergency, need to see you. Our place.”

Carter finds the name of the person from DMV, Reynolds, but he has disappeared. Then the Aryans on motorcycles spot Reese and Leon, who have been ordered to kill them before tonight is over. Reese and Leon find Reynolds dead, and Reese speaks to the camera telling it that he will not quit until he finds Finch who saved his life. The camera blinks a red light, and then the pay phone rings giving him a cryptic message, just as the motorcycles ride by shooting. As it seems like the leader of the gang is about to take out Reese, Detective Carter shoots him with a tear gas canister. Then both she and Fusco arrest the man, and Leon is now safe from harm.

At Carter’s apartment, John and the dog tell Carter to pack her bags because they are going to Corpus Christi, Texas, where John has a lead about the person who abducted Finch.

Finch tells her he sealed up the machine to protect it from people like himself. He says that’s why he’ll never let her get control of it. Weeks walks through the front door calling to his honey and announcing that he got her message. Root, who was hiding in the doorway, sticks a hypodermic needle in his neck, and he crumbles to the floor. She then tells Finch that she only wants to set the machine free.

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