Person Who “Loses Track” of Marathon Time Can Be Trusted To Balance Budget?

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Paul Ryan says he “really thought that was his time” when he said his marathon time was under 3 hours when he ran “Grandma’s Marathon” in Duluth, Minnesota 22 years ago. Why did he get confused? He hurt his back sometime between then and now.

He’s quoted on CNN’s political ticker as saying, “I hurt my back when I was in my mid twenties, so obviously my perception of races and times were off.” Who knew back injuries affected your brain?

What’s this say about Paul Ryan? It shows his narcissism. It shows his willingness to lie and lie huge to make himself look better. And, if this was the only marathon he’d ever run, this author knows from first hand experience how much training goes into a mere half-marathon, having run one last year. Completing such a challenging feat is memorable. To quote a finish time a full hour off is even slightly delusional.

Granted, it takes a certain extra bit of narcissism to even run for President or Vice President. Thinking you have all the answers and are the best answer for the entire country is the epitome of narcissistic behavior. But, again, Ryan is supposed to be a numbers guy. If he’s quoting incorrect marathon times, what kind of lies do you think he’s spewing on a daily basis to potential voters about the economy and his supposed fixes?

By the way, the GOP darling Sarah Palin even finished a full 2 minutes faster than Ryan. Palin ran that time at age 41! And look how great of a VP candidate that fast runner was!

Marathon Runners Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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