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hand found eye-candy
in the man it thanked
shook gracefully today

hand brought forth
something like a diary
and mind found it all too funny
when mind relates itself
so passionately.

tears almost wanted air
in that dusty, small cubicle,
sloppy hand-writing almost
wanting to be saved by hand
almost wanting to steal,
rescue mind from not finishing
when man came near.

But man proved to be worthy
within short glimpses,
worthy of absolute respect.
Man granted hand some salad
and even seemed
    a bit phony, at first.

And eyes know what it saw,
eyes read beauty, poetic
mystery and imagery.
    And eyes loved his vision.

    So man respect man,
    man's work, man's purpose
    and all is such, such
    thank, thank
                a grateful person.

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