Personhood: Can Mississippi Legally Redefine Life?

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Mississippians are voting tomorrow on Proposition 26. Proposition 26 redefines personhood and determines that life begins at conception, and so do all rights for the fertilized egg. But, those same rights do not apply to women of childbearing age.

Roe V. Wade Repealed?

For Mississippians and other conservative states that are soon to jump on the bandwagon, it seems the state leaders are trying to supersede federal law, a move that will be problematic for everyone involved.

Proposition 26 will make abortion illegal no matter what the reason. The fertilized egg will become more important than the woman bearing the child. This means if a File:Sperm-egg.jpgchoice has to be made between the baby and the mother’s life, there is no choice. No one wants to deny a child life and no one should have to make such a heart-wrenching decision between life and death, but the situations arise and that decision should be between the woman whose body is in question and the father of the child. The last person who should make this decision should be the government.

If it Was Not Repealed, Then How Can This Pass?

This is the same situation that occurred with Arizona’s controversial immigration bill that is still being challenged by the federal government. If this proposition passes, “personhood” will be tied up in court for a while.

The state government cannot decide to ignore federal laws. This is something that will be investigated and be determined illegal for the state to do. But in the meantime, if this proposition is passed, how many women will be traumatized by this law before the federal government steps in and stops it?


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