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Pesach begins tonight at Sundown and ends next week Tuesday night. We celebrate Hashem’s passing over the Jewish homes. That’s where the name Passover comes from. There are many traditions and special foods that we eat over this holiday.

We don’t eat any food that has wheat that has risen. Matzah the bread we eat is watched over from the time it grows till the 18 minutes it is allowed to be baked in an oven. There are some great tasty foods that we get to eat such as Charoset which is apples finely diced mixed with Walnuts and grape juice/wine to fix them in. There also spiced horseradish….

To all my Jewish friends Chag Kasher Ve Sameach! (Have a Kosher and happy Holiday)



FYI I will not be on gather from tonight sundown till Wednesday sunset we are not allowed to use any electronics .

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