PETA Asks Amazon to Stop Selling 2 Books

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In the wake of the recent chaos created by “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure,” PETA sent a polite letter to Amazon asking for the removal of two animal fighting books off of Amazon’s virtual bookshelf: “The Art Of Cockfighting—A Handbook for Beginners and Old Timers” and “Dogs of Velvet and Steel.”

“Animals, like children, depend on us to protect them and put their best interests above profits. Please, don’t be complicit in cruelty to animals: Do the right thing and stop selling products that promote criminal violence against living beings.”

Asking Amazon to remove a book on the basis of harming an animal is superfluous. The reality, though sad, is that these animals are good for nothing else but fighting. The only difference is that one happens in nature and other happens under the observation of humans. No sane person in the world would keep these monsters as pets.

Dog and cock fighting are legal in many countries. What may be banning material in one country is perfectly acceptable in another country. Amazon sells these      books based on a business decision, not to encourage people to do something for or against their will. Take any activity, such as croquet. I know that there must be a thousand croquet books on the market. My mother taught me to croquet, but I don’t croquet, and even if Amazon has 20,000 books written on croquet, I am no more encouraged to croquet any more than I was 10 years ago before I had internet access. Similar to the pedophile book, one must go and search for those things that are of interest to them. In America, we vote with our dollar. If a book is to be censored, it will be taken off the shelves due to no sales.

Asking stores or libraries to ban any book is an outrage to what we value most. We may not like everything, but once we decide what is or is not acceptable on an emotional appeal, then we only serve to erode our own freedoms. Any psychologist that specializes in pedophilia would have killed for the pedo book, no matter how disgusting it is. Taking away resources can have unintended consequences. With understanding, things are no longer as scary as they used to be. This goes for dog fighting, cock fighting, or bestiality.

Finally, PETA’s own hypocrisy is well-documented. They fail to follow their own advice on many fronts, so calling for a book to be banned on their apparent ethic is ridiculous. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt, and it sickens the author to know he added to this publicity.

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