PETA Picks On Fat Chicks

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We all know PETA sucks.  They are hypocrites who hurt the animals they claim to protect.  In the past, PETA loonies painted innocent people in the streets wearing leather or fur.  They market themselves by using naked chicks like Eva Mendes, Pam Anderson and Alicia Silverstone.  Frankly, they make me sick.

Now PETA is managing to offend even more people with their latest billboard in Jacksonville, Florida.  The ad features a chubby woman shown from behind.  Her fat is spilling over the sides of a horrendous polka-dotted bikini. 

The ad states, “Save The Whales.  Lose The Blubber: Go Vegetarian.  PETA.”

Seems to express it’s alright to make fun of an obese woman behind her back.  PETA not only exploits animals, they exploit women.  Makes me want to slip into my knee-high leather stiletto boots, crack a rawhide whip and eat a big, juicy steak in their face.

(I was actually considering a vegan lifestyle but this ad caused a minor setback in my perspective.)

What do you think?


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