PETA Resurrects Bea Arthur for New Anti-McDonald’s Ad

PETA, fresh from tut-tutting Kim Kardashian’s manhandling of kitties, is bringing Bea Arthur, who died in April ’09, back from the grave for a new anti-McDonald’s print ad. “McCruelty. It’s enough to make Bea Arthur roll over in her grave,” states the ad, running in Chicago newspapers today (April 22).

Arthur and Rue McClanahan, both of Maude and Golden Girls fame, were one of the first celebrities to support PETA, according to a New York Times interview with PETA vice president Dan Mathews. The ad is running in Chicagoland as Chicago suburb Oakbrook, Ill.’s the corporate headquarters of McDonald’s.

“Death couldn’t stop this Golden Girl from fighting the Golden Arches’ cruel slaughter practices,” promises the ad, which urges consumers “to pressure McDonald’s to switch to a less violent, U.S.D.A.-approved chicken-slaughter method.”

The ad concludes by invoking Arthur’s Maude catchphrase; if Mickey D’s doesn’t change its ways, “God’ll get you for that.”

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