Pete Wentz Seen Out Without Wedding Ring

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The announcement that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are calling it quits shook up a lot of people, but apparently none more than Wentz himself. The Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist was spotted last night at MTV Australia’s Japan Jam in Tokyo, where he was looking less like himself and more like… Lenny Kravitz? Aside from his frenetic appearance, something else caught the eye of those still not wanting to believe that the couple’s marriage is falling apart: Wentz wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.



When the split was announced, sources close to the pair certainly made it seem as though the divorce was Ashlee’s idea, and that Pete Wentz wanted to work things out, and seeing the major change in his appearance (as well as how thin he looks) seem to corroborate the story.

What do you think about the split? Can you believe it? Do you think their ages contributed? Parenthood?


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