Peter Parker, the Original Spider-Man, is Dead

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Peter Parker, the geeky photographer who lives in New York and is secretly Spider-Man, is finally dead in the universe of Marvel comics. reported that the hero is out of the game after 50 years.


According to FoxNews8, the superhero died in Wednesday’s edition, which was Spider-Man‘s 700 comic book issue. However, Parker seems to exist in other editions of Spider-Man.

It is known that the character has different issues like the Amazing Spider-Man, the Ultimate Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man, and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Many comic book companies do this with their most popular heroes to make more money.

Dan Slott, who has been writing the Spider-Man story for the last 100 issues, stated that the character has lasted for a long time because the plot always has to change drastically every once in a while. Something devastating has to occur every so many years in order to keep things exciting.

That can be easily understood. It’s like a long lasting soap opera on TV that needs a nice unpredictable change—something shocking every once in a while—have to keep the audience entertained with new storylines, etc.

According to the article on FoxNews8, Parker has a major confrontation with long-time villain Doc Ock in issue 700, but did not specify which Spider-Man edition. The article does not mention details on how or why Parker is gone, but it happens.

Who knows, maybe in a year or so, Peter Parker will wake up and realize it was all a dream.

Anyway, the character that many kids and adults have loved for the last 50 years is now gone. Different versions of him are available in the other issues of Spider-Man, but the fact is that Parker is gone.

Parker brought many memories to a lot of comic book fans, and hopefully, the new character that took over the Spider-Man suit will live up to the reputation. Hard shoes or, better yet, webs to fill!

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