Pets Killed by Their Owners for Insurance Cash

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An alarming and sick trend is on the rise in England with cash strapped pet owners that’s so horrendous, it’s unthinkable. Insurance companies report the rise in people selling or even killing their pets for insurance money. The latest figures show that fake compensation claims for domestic animals have gone up nearly four times since 2009.

The dishonest claims on animal policies has made this the fastest growing area of insurance crime. Some pet owners are purposely harming their animals for the false insurance claims, according to the Mirror UK. Some pets “mysteriously disappear” when it comes to collecting the insurance claims.

Inflated bills for unnecessary treatment and expensive treatments given to pets, led investigators to believe some vets are also in on the insurance scams. Investigators also report claims for pets that never existed. While insurance fraud is bad, the harming and killing of an animal is unthinkable.

The insurance companies are creating a data base to better watch this type of fraudulent activity.

Nothing’s mentioned about the authorities stepping in to investigate the suspected harming and killing of pets, but you don’t need to own a cat or a dog to feel anger over this trend reported by the insurance companies.

The ability for a person to intentionally harm or kill a pet for money speaks to more than their tendency for criminal activity, it points to plain and simple evil. The helpless pets are so trusting and loyal and for their owners to turn on them to make money is one of the worst crimes imaginable.

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