Phil Mickelson Cheating?

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Phil Mickelson is another hot professional golfer who has been accused of “cheating” along with Tiger Woods.


However, number 2 golfer, Phil Mickelson has not been “cheating” on his wife, but rather with an old golf club. Apprently, Phil Mickelson’s old Ping wedge has bigger grooves, which gives him a leg up on his competition. Phil Mickelson’s wedge is not however, actually illegal according to offcial golf rules.

Even though Phil Mickelson’s choice to use the Ping wedge is technically within the rules of golf, several of his competitors are not happy with Phil Mickelson’s choice to use his Ping wedge. Among them is Robert Allenby who thinks that while “cheating” isn’t the technically correct word, that the old Ping wedge does give Phil Mickelson an unfair advantage which can affect the integrity of the game of golf.

Golfer Scott McCarron does believe that cheating is the right word though. He said of Phil Mickelson’s choice to use the Ping wedge “It’s cheating, and I’m appalled Phil has put it in play…all those guys should be ashamed of themselves for doing that. As one of our premier players, (Mickelson) should be one of the guys who steps up and says this is wrong.”

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