Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Murder Charges: Grand Jury Faults State Regulators Too

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A Philadelphia abortion doctor faces murder charges, and the grand jury also finds fault with state regulators. Kermit Gosnell was certainly charged with murder in conjunction with the murder of several babies and a patientÂ’s death. Who else is at fault here?

The Philadelphia grand jury said that state regulatory officials as well as the cityÂ’s public health department is also to blame in this horrific story. On Wednesday, the grand jury released a 260-page report. On the same day Gosnell, his wife and eight employees were arrested. Along with Gosnell, four of the employees also face murder charges. How was this type of practice allowed to go on?

According to the grand jury, “government health and licensing officials had received repeated reports about Gosnell’s dangerous practices. No action was taken, even after the agencies learned that women had died during routine abortions under Gosnell’s care.” That is incredibly unbelievable as well as unacceptable. This murdering abortion doctor should have been stopped long before so many people ended up dead at his hands.

Gosnell has operated the abortion clinic since 1979, and he was never even trained as an OB/GYN. There is absolutely no way he should have been able to get to the point of opening the clinic much less operating it for so many years. He even had an initial review from Pennsylvania Department of Health inspectors. In the years since then the clinic was inspected in 1989, 1992 and 1993. All of the inspections found problems, but nothing was ever done to stop this man and his employees.

It is completely unacceptable that the State of Pennsylvania let this go on unchecked for so long. Obviously Gosnell needs to be punished, but there are other things that need to change as well to ensure this never happens again. Somebody has to be held responsible for allowing this abortion doctor to continue like this all the years.

Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Murder Charges: Grand Jury Faults State Regulators Too

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