Phillip Phillips Scores a Golden Hit at the Olympics and Releases His New Video

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Current American Idol winner Phillip Phillips has had quite an exciting year so far. He has been busy touring with his fellow Idol mates and seems to be in good health after having surgery right after his epic win on the reality show. If that wasn’t enough, he also has an Olympic hit on his hands. If you haven’t noticed, Home has been the theme song for the US women’s gymnastics team this past week. The inspiring song is a perfect fit for the Fab Five as they have gone on to win Olympic gold for the team.

Home has become a hot commodity on Itunes and is expected to sell about 200,000 copies next week, according to Billboard. Phillips says that he has not heard his song being played at the Olympics yet because he has been busy with the tour. He told the Orlando Sentinel, “I’ve heard a lot about it, but I’ve hardly watched any of the Olympics. It’s an honor for them to use that song, and I’m so proud of it and how well it has done.” He has taken to his Twitter to offer his support and congratulations to the five girls before and after they won the gold.

If you love this catchy tune, check out the Idol winner’s just released video for the song. It shows flashes of Phillip traveling on a bus, singing on stage while on tour and has that laid back feeling that is exactly what Phillip Phillips is all about.

Home is one of those songs that will stick in your mind and not let go. He is expected to release his first album sometime this fall. Are you looking forward to some more tunes by this talented singer?

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