Phone App to Combat Distracted Driving – Get Rewards for Safe Driving Habits

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Worried about all of the talking and texting smartphone users on the highways? Across the country, lawmakers are busy enacting new laws to address the problem. Perhaps a new phone app can help discourage distracted driving. According to the Associated Press, there is an app that rewards you for keeping your eyes and hands off the phone while you’re behind the wheel.

Hand of man using mobile phone in car while driving The Safecellapp, that’s available for both iPhones and Google Android based phones, knows when you are moving more than 5 miles per hour and then is able to determine if you are following local laws. If you aren’t violating talk or texting regulations, your app will know and reward you with points. Save up your points and redeem them at retailers like Apple or Barnes and Noble.

Great idea, don’t you think? At $11.99 it might make a great gift for the distracted drivers on your list. Unfortunately, it won’t incentivize drivers who are traveling in areas that haven’t yet outlawed the dangerous driving habits.

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