Phones Become Bendable with New Technology

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Have you ever gotten frustrated because your phone would not fit in your pocket? Likewise, you’ve probably gotten frustrated because your phone’s screen wasn’t big enough. Where should the line be drawn? Recent technology hints that the line is about to just be erased all together!

There are various reports coming in from phone designers saying that flexible screens may hit the market in the next couple of years. Nokia actually presented a prototype of a bendable phone last week! How cool would it be if you sat down and pulled not only a phone out of your pockets, but a tablet or e-reader as well? This technology opens the door to limitless tech creativity.

These bendable phones, while being very cool looking, would also save consumers money from having to buy a new phone because they dropped it and the screen cracked. A flexible device’s durability allows the user the freedom to do practically anything they want. How nice would it be to not have to carry your phone because the pockets in your pants are too small? All you do is roll it up!

To make matters even more exciting, Microsoft announced plans for making every surface a digital display. Bendable phones and now this proves that computers are literally taking the world over: one pocket at a time!

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