Photo: Joe Jonas’ Missing Purity Ring – Is It in Ashley Greene’s Purse?

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Joe Jonas’ purity ring has been a major staple in the development of the Jonas Brothers’ image but now it’s missing. Could Joe Jonas’ purity ring be inside Ashely Greene’s purse? wrote that Joe Jonas’ purity ring has been missing from his finger since he began seriously dating the Twilight Saga movie star. Sources have come out to say that Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene are so serious, it’s as if they are living together because they spend so much time with each other.

The Post Chronicle states that Joe Jonas’ purity ring was meant as a symbol between him, his brothers and his fans to remain virgins until marriage. Joe’s older brother Kevin Jonas wore his purity ring until the day he switched it for a wedding band, so there’s little doubt Kevin is still a virgin. Their other brother Nick still proudly wears his purity ring.

So the question is whether or not Joe Jonas is still as pure and he had planned to be? At the age of 21, handsome Joe has lasted for quite awhile but it would surprise very few people except maybe his young Disney fans if Jonas really has ditched his purity ring for Ashley Greene.

A recent sighting catch Joe Jonas getting Ashley Greene’s purse from his car. Maybe Joe left his purity ring inside Greene’s purse for safe keeping, then again maybe not.

Joe Jonas in 2007 wearing his Purity Ring!

File:Joe Jonas Paparazzo Presents CloseUp.jpg











Joe Jonas in August of 2010 w/o his Purity Ring! It might be in Ashley’s big red purse.

43396, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday August 9, 2010. Ashley Greene of Twilight and Joe Jonas spotted spending the afternoon together, grabbing coffee and riding in the same car. The two have fueled speculation that they're dating, after being spotted having lunch together on several occasions late last month. Greene made an appearance at Wet Republic over the weekend in Vegas. Photograph: Anthony,



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