PHOTO – Kate Hudson SHOWS OFF Boob Job in Bra-less Top

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Thursday night, beautiful Kate Hudson with her new B-cup Boob Job breasts were in New Year to attend the 150th anniversary party for Chopard, a  jewelery company. Hudson was joined by Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes, and Christina Ricci.

You can tell there’s no need for a bra or any kind now and let’s be honest even before her breast implants she didn’t need a bra because she had such a super small pre-pubescent boy’s chest. It must have been training bra size.

Either way, she’s a beautiful woman and she chose to go classy with her implants, opting for a small full cup… opposite trashy Heidi Montag who opted for two gallon saline filled bags as well as nine other procedures.

Kate Hudson is looking as beautiful as ever and what matters is that she thinks so, not that we think so. Good for her.

SOURCE: Kate Hudson Flaunts Figure With Gwyneth Paltrow & Christina Ricci (PHOTOS)


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© Amy Mattox – April 30, 2010

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