PHOTO: Lindsay Lohan Crotch SHOTs – What Happens in Cannes is Displayed for All to See – Plus: She Bails on Court Date

Lindsay Lohan is displaying more than just a new girlfriend. While she was in Cannes, partying it up, a photographer got some crotch shots of her squatting down… it looks like she was trying to hide or something… how embarrassing, plus she was wearing white panties!

Keeping with typical Lohan behavior while she was at the club, Lindsay fell down a few times, yelled at some strangers, and threw up.

Where is her new girlfriend to help keep her in line or at least to help make sure LiLo’s crotch is not exposed?

Poor Lindsay may be facing jail time soon if she doesn’t clean herself up and start attending those alcohol education classes asap.

In the latest development to this ongoing drama that Lohan calls life, TMZ is reporting that Lohan claims her passport was stolen while in Cannes and thus she will NOT be able to return to the U.S. to make her Los Angeles court date tomorrow at 8:30 AM.





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