PHOTO – Miley Cyrus Crotch SHOT – Honest Mistake or Intentional Blunder???

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Miley Cyrus can be defined as a singer, actress and teenager but can she also be defined as Sex kitten? In her latest skin reveal, Miley Cyrus has taken her stardom to a new low…

Should Miley Cyrus Cover her Crotch???

During the MuchMusic Awards performance, her ‘tight’ white outfit left nothing to the imagination as all her girly goods were literally exposed. I’m not sure if this latest wardrobe blunder was intentional or completely accidental but I do know that there’s a firestorm of Internet blogging going on because of it.

As Cyrus pranced around stage, her crotch area became ever increasingly visible and soon enough, a photographer had unintentionally snapped up a photo of her goods.  I’m not sure what her handlers were thinking or what her parents will think of this latest photo.

Lets just hope that Miley Cyrus will do less revealing and more work on her singing and acting in the future!

The infamous image can be seen here.


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